Sunday, November 20, 2011


Our sweet little Sophie is six months old. This is incredibly hard to believe! She is truly an awesome baby. I tell people all the time that I'm afraid once I'm done with school she will decide I've had my time and become a super demanding baby. Either that or we are really in for it with the next baby that comes along, because we have have been so spoiled! Really, I just consider it a tender mercy. Heavenly Father decided to take compassion on us since our lives are pure madness currently.

I feel like she has changed a ton the past month or so. She sits up great by herself, has cut her bottom two teeth, and is trying pretty hard to push herself up onto all fours. And she has finally mastered eating baby food and rice cereal. This took some time. We definitely didn't use her binky to make her swallow nearly every bite...

So here are the girl's stats from the doc:

Height: 26 1/3" - 71%
Weight: 16 lbs 4 oz - 56%
Head: 17" - 71%

So she is getting a bit chubbier, which we love. Who can resist those cheeks???


Kaylie said...

I don't want my baby to grow up anymore either! They are getting big too fast huh? Sophie continues to be absolutely adorable! I can't believe she is already sitting up so well and getting close to crawling?! I've been trying to get Dax to sit-up since he is going to outgrow his carseat soon, but he is not quite there yet...Congrats on only one more semester left in college! The light at the end of the tunnel :)

KristenMV said...

love it! she is soo cute and way good :)

Mandee said...

She is so cute! Those cheeks are so cute. Kassi had those amazing cute cheeks like that too. oh How they grow so fast!