Monday, October 31, 2011


Just going to vent for one minute about why I am awake at 1 AM. Have to register for my FINAL semester of college. Registration opened at midnight. I am just paranoid enough that I won't get the classes I need, so I stayed up this late to ensure I would get all of them. Jord called me a worry-wart. And here I am, still registering. Thank you UVU and the slowest running website of all time.


Brian Alyssa Addison Kenai said...

You sound just like me! I would have stayed up that late too! Instead I am still waiting for Weber and their craziness- November 7th is when they will approve or not approve the new curriculum- can I just say I am not a huge fan of Weber?

the hills said...

oh i used to HATE that website!!! i can't believe it's not better yet! congrats on your last semester! whoop! & post more pics of sophie. thankyouverymuch.