Thursday, March 25, 2010

This is what Jordan gets to do tonight:
This is what I get to do tonight:

Unfair? I thought so too.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Things I am Loving!

I feel a little guilty for being such a whiner in my last post. So, this post is all about things I am currently obsessed with and are making my life joyful! I like to do a bit of research on products and such before I make a purchase, particularly when the products are expensive. I have to convince Jordan each time one of these purchases is made that it is really an investment, especially when you average the price over how long it lasts! We're talking pennies per day sometimes! So here are the things I am loving lately!

This is a heat protectant for your hair. My cousin Merinda does hair and told me how awesome it was, she was so right! It has little sparkly beads in it that burst on your hair to protect it. Smells awesome and not too heavy for fine hair like mine.
Another great hair find. I think I have gone through about 3-4 hair dryers in the last year, I blame crappy hair dryers + crappy old apartment outlets. But mine was about to die when my hair stylist told me she could get this on sale, so I went for it. I love it already and wish I would have gotten it a long time ago, definitely worth the cash. Thanks Crystal!

This is not a recent item I've discovered. I usually switch mascaras often. But I have stuck to this one for over a year now. It makes even my stubby excuses for eyelashes look more luscious!

This is another product I've used for probably 2 years or more. For some reason even though I have really dry skin, my eyelids are oily. This helps keep my eye shadow in place practically all day--works much better than any other primer I've used. I'm glad it lasts a long time because I've only ever found it at Sephora, and there are no locations close to me. This is probably a good thing.

I discovered this song at Zumba (something I'm still debating whether I love or hate. It's a pretty good workout, but let's just say I am the definition of a white girl when it comes to dancing, not to mention latin dancing for an hour-my hips just cannot do what others can!) This song is just so catchy! It does get stuck in my head, but I love it, it's so fun to workout to.

This has literally taken up all of my and Jordan's free time. We started watching the first season around Thanksgiving and we do nothing else. Thank you Netflix for having every episode for us to watch. Jordan's goal is to get caught up in time for the series finale. It just might kill us to get there, but we are really enjoying watching it.

And some things to look forward to:

This girl gets home in one week! I cannot wait! She's been gone for a year and a half and I have missed her so much. Email has been great, but seeing her and talking to her on a regular basis again will make my life pure bliss .

This concert with my mom and sisters. Coming up in just a couple of weeks and we are so excited!

And finally a trip here with some of my very favorite people. I am particularly stoked to do this after finals, graduation, and whatever other stresses, are totally done. The weather will be nice and we will be relaxing all weekend. What could be better? Only a month away and counting...