Monday, September 22, 2008

Timpanogos Cave

This past weekend we got to go hike Timpanogos Cave. I've been wanting to take Jordan to do this for awhile so I was excited. I remember doing this with my family probably about 12 years ago so I barely remember it but it was fun. It was pouring rain when we got there and I was not very excited about that but luckily it stopped raining right when we started hiking. The boys were such troopers taking turns carrying the girls on their shoulders or backs, and although they are teeny girls it catches up with you on the steep hills! The cave was really neat, despite the somewhat cheesy guided tour but I guess it's their job. I'm not sure how much longer they are doing hikes but I would recommend it if you get the chance! Just prepare yourself for some soreness! I thought I'd been doing pretty good at working out but man, my muscles were not in shape, especially the buns! So make sure you get a nice warm up, and enjoy the beautiful fall colors!

Dad, Lauren, Ryan and Jana
Jordan and Drew

Lauren and Jana

Scott and Zoe
Ryan and Paige

The heart of Timpanogos Cave

Just some of the beautiful scenery

The gang!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Goodbye Ambre!

My best friend Ambre is leaving this week for the Italy Milan Mission. I will miss her so so much but she is going to be such an awesome missionary! It would be wrong for me to keep her here all to myself. We got together with our old roomies, excluding Kathleen and Kathryn (dang you out-of-staters) and it was so fun catching up! Emily is also leaving this week for her mission to Denmark so our timing was perfect. I am truly privileged to have had the opportunity to have such wonderful friends and I love them!

Ambre gave a farewell talk on Sunday and it was so so good. She really showed off her missionary speaking skills! Her mom and my mom also sang a duet that was beautiful. Her parents both gave really excellent talks as well. Her sweet Mom invited everyone over for some delicious food, she's an amazing woman!

We love you Ambre and we will miss you! Good luck!!!