Saturday, November 22, 2008

Date night with the Fam

This past week I got to go with some of my family to see "Aida" at the Hale Theater in Orem. I LOVE going to plays there because of how small it is and how fun it is to actually see the faces of the actors. I never have enough money to get those kinds of seats at the big Broadway shows so it's nice to know what it's like! We go to shows there every once in a while and I think they always do such a great job, and for the price it's really good. So I didn't really know what Aida was about and it was a little different at first but they did realy good. Some of the costuming wasn't my favorite but I got over it. The girl who played Aida was incredible and she actually was in my brother Ryan's ward last year and she sang at Ryan and Lauren's wedding so it was fun to see her in an actual role, her voice is amazing! Before the play we got to go out with everyone to Goodwood which we love, most of them had never been so it was a good chance to introduce everyone to the goodness. I love these fun family nights!

Mom, Erin and Me--Erin was my date since Jordan couldn't go.

Kristen and Dad

Ryan, Lauren and cute baby Levi

Bryce and Amy

Marissa and Jonny

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Celine Dion

As some of you may know, Celine Dion is my all time favorite singer. I have many of her CDs both in English and French and I just love them all. Jordan took me to her concert in Las Vegas and it was incredible. If it was still there I would go see it again! So I was really excited at the beginning of the year when she announced her world tour for her new CD and was going to come to Salt Lake. I convinced my two sisters to come with me for a girls night out and we have been looking forward to it all year. Then this past week we got a call saying the concert has been postponed from this Friday to Feb. 22nd, which is a Sunday. I was still willing to go but those sisters of mine decided it wasn't worth breaking the Sabbath, I guess they have to set a good example for their kids. ;) So we now have to send our tickets back for a refund and who knows if she'll ever do a concert here again, doubtful since I'm pretty sure she's winding down to try to have more babies after this tour. Looks like our fun-filled girls night is falling apart, but at least we have Twilight to look forward to. If that isn't perfect for a girls night out I don't know what is!