Monday, September 19, 2011


My girl is four months old. As any mom says, the time has flown. I think she is totally delightful, with the exception of eating...the girl does not like to eat! The circumstances must be perfect in order for her to eat well. As in not too hot or cold (her or the food), not to happy or sad, not too hungry, but also hungry enough. Half the time I feed her I have to bounce on a big stability it does not work my muscles, it hurts my back instead! I have almost thrown in the towel on nursing a number of times, but well, I happen to believe it is a great thing so in the morning I always try again for one more day. And then of course once she's fed she gives me a great big grin which causes me to feel like even though it was a fight, she is happy.

We went to her four month appointment today and here are the results:

Height: 25 inches - 76%
Weight: 13 lb 2 oz - 37%
Head: 16.5 inches - 75%

We got the go ahead to start cereal, so we gave that a whirl tonight and it went pretty well! I think she'll get the hang of it before too long, and hopefully she will eat solids better than she nurses!

On another note, I have returned to school. While this has been great for giving me a sense of productivity (instead of the many hours a day I was spending on Netflix over the summer...), it has definitely been tough. I hate leaving her, it brings me a lot more guilt than I anticipated. That being said, I have two semesters left and feel it's important to just get er done. To all of you who were smart enough to finish your degree before you had kids, well done! If I could go back, I sure would have done the same!

Jordan's job is as great as ever, and still a complete rollercoaster most of the time. He is starting to work as an independent contractor more, he definitely prefers working that way better. Happy Jord=happy family!

I realize this is a pretty long and boring post but I thought it would be good to catch up! The posting may be scarce in the future, due to our busy lives, but we are alive and well, which is really all I could hope for.

Plus, it is fall now, which is my absolute favorite time of year! Everything seems better in the fall.

And here is Sophie's latest trick.
Sorry, kinda long, but she's cute so it's worth it!