Thursday, July 14, 2011

Happy 4th!

We enjoyed a pretty relaxed holiday with my family up in Kaysville. We got to see my nieces (Drew and Paige) play, The Wizard of Oz, they were both munchkins. They had some great costumes that Kelly made, but I didn't get pictures unfortunately. They were awesome little actresses though and we enjoyed watching them.

After the play we had a nice BBQ and just hung out. Part of the family went to watch fireworks, Jordan and my bro-in-law Scott went to a movie (shock), while Kelly, Ruby, Sophie and I watched the fireworks from Kelly's sidewalk. We actually had a decent view and it was nice not to have to fight the crowds. Overall it was a great day and we loved spending it with those we love! Enjoy the pics we snagged below. Yes there were a million of Sophie, I picked just a few :)

Mom, Zoe, and Sophie

Grandma and Grandpa Bodily with Sophie

Four generations

Sophie and Lilah. Let's just say Lilah loves Sophie at a safe distance...

Sophie's Blessing

Our sweet girl was blessed on Sunday, June 26. We had lots of family and friends share the experience with us, and it was perfect. She was didn't cry and Jordan did a beautiful job. I selfishly held her through the rest of the sacrament meeting and didn't let anyone have a turn until we got home. I have been looking forward to this day for a long time, and I loved that everything went so well. I had several nightmares leading up to the day, including Jordan mysteriously disappearing and not caring that he was supposed to be doing the blessing. Of course, none of my bad dreams came true, he was awesome. We love this little girl to pieces and we're so glad she got her special day.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Family Time

June was such a crazy month for us! Family and friends in-and-out all month, which made it really fun. We got to go to Jordan's family reunion which was great, we loved that everyone got to meet Sophie, it was a great afternoon.

Girl cousins

Grammie and Sophie, she got Sophie to smile faster than anyone!

Me and Chels

Ciara and Sophie, she surprised everyone by flying out from Boston, we loved having her here!

Jord, Ian and Sophie

Ian and Sophie

All the Hill cousins!