Monday, August 25, 2008

BYU Education Week

This past Friday we got the opportunity to go to an all day session of classes for education week at BYU. I went early with my sister Erin and Jordan joined us later on. Erin had been talking me in to going with her for several months and I was somewhat hedging because my Fridays are precious! But I consented in the end, and it was very much worth it. I did feel a bit of an EFY flashback effect, but those were good memories too so I guess it's ok. Anyway, I really enjoyed it! The speakers were excellent and the subjects were great. I think my favorite class was by Dennis Deaton. He gave a class about the temple being a Liahona and Urim and Thummim and it was amazing. Another really good one was by Douglas Brinley about marriage and some things to make sure you are doing in your marriage to avoid future conflict. And he was so funny. If you ever run across a book by either person it would be well-worth your time. So it was a very successful day and if you ever get the chance to go, take it!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Here we go...

Well we are new to the blogging world. We debated doing one because we honestly don't feel like our lives are all that interesting! But I guess we've caved and decided to follow the crowd. Our lives are pretty mundane, but we love it. The most recent event going on for us is Jordan's acceptance into BYU's Marriott Business program. He has worked SO hard to get in and we are super excited that he's been accepted. His plan is to do a business major with an emphasis in finance, and minor in Spanish and Film. So he will be graduating in April 2010 if everything goes according to plan. He's very excited to have a graduation date and start taking his classes that he knows he'll enjoy. Jordan has also just recently started an internship with Novell working in their financial department and he really likes it so it's been great. I'm still just working for the dental office and that is going well, always an adventure! We've loved our summer so far and we're sad for it to end becuase that means we won't see a whole lot of each other once school starts. Thank heaven for weekends!