Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Great Find

I am by no means a health expert. Period. However, the more time goes on the more I find I'm interested in learning how to be healthier. So much so, that I think I have finally decided on what to do for a major! I'm thinking Community Health Education for the moment, but it still remains to be seen. Anyway, I happened across the website It is excellent! You can personalize your pyramid based on your activity level, age, weight, and height. It tells you exactly what servings you should have for which foods for your whole week. And when I investigated further, I even found a lot of information for each of the food groups about what exactly a serving size is, tips for incorporating them into your diet, etc.

The reason I really like this is because it's a guidline for anyone. I've thought for a long time that the basic food pyramid is really the best you can get when it comes to a diet. I'm no fan of all these extreme diets you hear about (Atkins, HCG, etc). It's all about balance and moderation people! So if you have a chance, check the website out here. Please forgive the soapbox moment, I don't do this kind of thing often because I don't like to be preachy. I just thought I'd throw it out there for whoever might be interested!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Las Vegas!

We got to go to Las Vegas with some of our very best friends last month and it was so fun! We don't get to see Kathryn and Austin or Kathleen and Eric very often so it was really nice of them to trek out for some fun. I love these girls the most, I definitely wish I was able to see them more often but I'll take what I can get. And Ambre and Stacey were kind enough to come along even though we brought our husbands...that's a true friend!

Ambre, Me, Kathryn, Kathleen
Jordan and Me

Some of the displays at the Bellagio, I love to stop and see whatever incredibly creative idea they come up with. You could smell the flowers everywhere and it was so yummy, I didn't want to leave!

We made sure to go to Serendipity, some of us had never been. The food was divine and we of course loved the frozen hot chocolates!

The Bellagio fountains! We spent a good amount of time here, it was awesome as always.

Eric, Kathleen, Jord, Me, Kathryn, Austin, Ambre and Stace

My one and only requirement for the trip was Maggiano's. It was delicious as always!

At the Venetian.
I did my best with pictures but still missed a lot! We spent some time at the pool, which was so awesome. Lots of yummy food, including the very best cheesecake I've ever had at Cheesecake Factory (Coconut Cream, I think), some shopping, more steps than we could count (good thing Aust had his pedometer), games, late nights, talk, talk, talk! It was a great time to finally get away after school and such and we loved it. Here's to good friends and warm weather! Love you all!