Monday, January 4, 2010

What Have I Done For Someone Today?

I have never been one for new year's resolutions, or goals in general. But, last week my amazing mother-in-law gave a great lesson on this talk from President Monson. He talks about a man whose father asked their family every day at dinner what they did for someone else that day, and how excited he would get to report to his family whatever act he had performed. I re-read the talk yesterday and decided this would be a great goal for the year. It is not as easy as you think, to really go out of your way for someone else and do a kind deed. But I am always in need of something to remind me not to think so much about myself. So if you haven't thought up a new year's resolution for yourself this year, I'd give this one a try, I can already tell it will be making a big difference in my life. And I just loved this picture of the First Presidency, what better examples of this principle? :)