Saturday, April 23, 2011

Baby Shower!

A couple of weeks ago my mom and sisters gave me a baby shower, it was so fun! It was so fun to visit with everyone and just enjoy the afternoon. Jordan's mom and sisters were even in town so it was a lot of fun to have them there as well. Everyone was so generous with gifts and we feel so lucky to have such sweet family and friends, so thank you everyone! Unfortunately my sister's camera was having some issues at first so some of these pics are kinda blurry, but we did our best, and I'm so glad she took what she could because I spaced bringing my camera altogether!

Start of the shower, this is the best pic I got of my belly, sorry!

Mani and Kelly, they'll probably get mad at me for posting this but I thought it was cute. Mani was kind enough to write down all my gifts, even if she did need some gentle reminding once in a while...:)

Opening the gift from Ambre and her mom and sisters, her mom made me that cute quilt and a car seat cover, so nice!
Mom and Kristen gave me the Very Hungry Caterpillar, love it! And after I showed Jordan I found out he has never even heard of the book! This will be changing...

Jord's sister Ciara made me a curtain for the nursery, she just graduated from the interior design program at BYU Idaho, she did an awesome job, I love it!

Jord's sis Chelsea, his mom, Michelle, and sis Ciara

And below, Abby wasn't able to make it to the shower but she made me this cute little snuggie for the baby, she did a great job!

Michelle made me this amazing quilt, she spent hours on it and did a lot of embroidery, it turned out so cute and we love it! She is so excited to finally be a Nana.

A quilt Mom made just for fun, I had no idea she was even making it!

The quilt for the nursery, Mom pretty much made the whole thing, but I did do the applique birds on the bottom so I can take just a little credit. I love the way it turned out!

And just a couple of pictures of the almost finished nursery.

All of this is becoming incredibly real now, which is so exciting, but so weird at the same time. I am just over 36 weeks and getting kind of nervous, but ultimately we are just so excited that I can't get too nervous. I told my doctor he just needs to let me get through finals next week and then I'll be good to go whenever! It's been really fun preparing for this little girl to arrive and we can't wait! Thanks again to everyone who has helped us out through this process, you are the best!