Monday, September 14, 2009

Congratulations... my wonderfully talented sister, Erin, and my equally talented niece Abby! They have both landed roles in South Jordan's production of Annie! Erin got the role of Grace, and Abby is the understudy for Annie, which we are all hoping involves some potential matinee performances, or that the other girl gets mysteriously ill...he he. But Abby will also be one of the orphans so she will have a lot to learn! They are both so great at singing and acting and we are so excited for them to get to do this together. The play will be this November so anyone in the area, watch out for dates so you can see these rising stars!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Back to School...

During this past week Jordan and I both started school again. Jordan was completely excited to get back into it, he missed having classes this summer. I'm starting to worry that he wants to be a lifelong student....let's hope not. But lucky for us, this is our last year of undergrad and living in Provo! Jordan graduates in April, and I, being the ultra-slacker that I am, will have my Associates finished by April. I've got a much better class line-up than my summer semester, so I can't complain. We are excited to be moving on to new and different opportunities once we're done here, and we're doing our best to enjoy all we can about Provo while we're here. This semester will be extremely busy for both of us, we won't see much of each other but at least we have a Sunday once a week to keep us sane. Good luck to all you other students starting up yet another semester, let the fun begin!